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Travelling to a new or exotic destination can be one of life’s greatest adventures. But you want to make appropriate travel preparations in order to have a safe and healthy trip. For those with travel concerns related to the Zika virus, click here to get current information on facts, treatment and prevention.

Talk to one of our Travel Medicine Pharmacists who can advise you on the medications, vaccinations and health supplies that you'll need for your trip. We want to make sure that you enjoy your trip – wherever your travels may take you in the world ... Learn More >

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In each of our 78 London Drugs retail locations, we have a team of pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians waiting to serve you.

  • Remember - make sure you carry a sufficient supply of your prescription medication for your trip.
  • And always carry a few extra days’ worth of medication in case you’re delayed on your return trip.

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Why do you need to be vaccinated for travel?

Vaccines are mandatory for travel to particular destinations. For example, if you have passed through an area where yellow fever is known to occur, many countries won’t allow you to enter unless you have been properly vaccinated.

Some places require you to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination to prove that you have been vaccinated against diseases prevalent in the territory ... Learn More >